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11th, 12th October, 2016



Invited Talks Information

Invited Talk 1

Speaker: Luigi Rizzo (Università di Pisa)
Prof. Luigi Rizzo
Title: "Why do we need to improve the network stack in today's operating systems ?"
Luigi Rizzo is a professor at the Università di Pisa. He has worked on network emulation, high performance networking, packet scheduling, multicast and reliable multicast. He is a long time contributor to FreeBSD, for which he has developed several subsystems including the dummynet network emulator, the ipfw firewall, and the netmap framework. He has been program committe member for for sigcomm, conext, infocom, nsdi, Usenix ATC, ANCS and other conferences, as well as PC chair for Sigcomm 2009 and Conext 2014, ANCS 2016, and general chair for Sigcomm 2006. Luigi has been a frequent visiting researcher at various institutions including ICSI/UC Berkeley, Google Mountain View, Intel Research Cambridge, Intel Research Berkeley.

Invited Talk 2

Speaker: João Luís Sobrinho (University of Lisbon)
Prof. Joao Luis Sobrinho
Title: "A unifying view of routing protocol behavior through modern algebra."
João Luís Sobrinho received the Licenciatura (undergraduate level) and Ph.D. degrees in electrical and computer engineering from the Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal, in 1990 and 1995, respectively. Before joining academia in 1997, he was with Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, where he was involved in the design and development of a multiple access protocol that provides quality-of-service guarantees over wireless LANs. He is currently an Associate Professor with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Instituto Superior Técnico, and a Senior Researcher with the Instituto de Telecomunicações. His research interests are on the algorithmic aspects of networking, especially on those that concern the Internet routing protocols. He holds six patents. He won a Best Ph.D. Student Paper Award at PIMRC 1994, the 2006 IEEE Communications Society William R. Bennett Prize, and an 2015 IRTF Applied Networking Research Prize.

Call For Papers

Internet in Japan has started in the academic side; in the era when the Internet technologies are not prevalent in Japanese industry, the academic conference for Internet technologies, i.e., Internet Conference (IC), had some special role to serve as the only venue to learn about Internet and its technologies. However, as time passes by, nowadays the Internet technologies are not uncommon in industry. As such, the role expected for IC is changing today.

We, the program committee chairs of IC2016, believe that an academic conference should serve as a venue to present cutting edge technologies and deepest investigations of the topic of interests through the strict process of the program development. But we also have been worried that, especially in Japan, there are only few venues (if not none) which offer decent paper review with competitive paper selection. Rather, a conference in Japan (typically become domestic one, conducted in Japanese) tends to pursue more openness, friendliness, and eventually falling to an entry­level conference, which has sadly only few impacts and visibility to the world. IC does not seem to be the exception.

In IC2016, we will try to improve this situation by devoting more effort to program development and hopefully offer the highest quality of reviews​to all of authors by highly­talented technical program committee (TPC) members, who will promote fruitful discussions through the academic conference. TPC members are listed below.

The areas of the topic for the conference are listed below but not limited to:
Internet (network) operation, Internet exchange
Routing technologies
Transport protocols
Operating systems, virtualization
Measurement and analysis of the Internet
Network architectures (clean­slate approach)
High­speed packet processing technologies
Testbeds for validating new network technologies
Software­Defined Network (SDN)
Cloud computing
Security for communication networks
Governance on the Internet

We set the following requirements for each submission this time, in addition to the regular submission instruction:

evaluations section in more than full 3 pages long. Note that the paper is required to have full 3 pages devoted to the evaluation. For example, a paper consist of half page, 2 pages, and half page of evaluation does not fulfill the full 3 pages condition.
more than 10 citations to the related work, or references to show the background contexts.
Note: The papers not filling above requirements will not be considered for reviews.
Important Dates (in JST)
2016/08/08(Mon) 23:59: Paper Registration Deadline (Extended)
2016/08/22(Mon) 23:59: Paper Submission Deadline (Extended)
2016/09/15(Thu): Decision Notification
2016/10/01(Sat): Final Camera­ready Due
Main Conference
Date: 2016/10/11(Tue) ­ 12(Wed)
Place: Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo, Japan
Paper Submission Instruction (Summary)

Papers written in either the Japanese or English language will be considered for acceptance in the conference proceedings. Full papers should be more than 6 pages long, but should not exceed 14 pages of A4, including references.

Papers submitted to IC2016 must not be published anywhere in the past, nor be under the consideration for acceptance/publish elsewhere, in any language. A paper submitted should have at least 30 % of novel contents. If the paper holds in its parts the same or similar contents with another paper, the authors must explicitly mention it in the paper, possibly by adding the reference to the other paper. Upon a questionable evidence of not obeying these rules, the case will be discussed and judged by the TPC members. The paper’s contents are considered to stay confidential, both during the review process and after the rejection or withdrawal.

In order for a paper to be selected in publication in IC 2016, at least one author must attend the conference and give the presentation.

IC2016 will select the best paper and the best presentation award among the accepted papers. In addition, a few best student papers may be selected.

More detailed instruction is available.

(as of 2016/07/28)

Program Committee Chairs
Hajime Tazaki (IIJ Innovation Institute, co­chair)
Yasuhiro Ohara (NTT communications, co­chair)
Technical Program Committee
Hirochika Asai (University of Tokyo)
Rei Atarashi (IIJ Innovation Institute)
Kenjiro Cho (IIJ Innovation Institute)
Romain Fontugne (IIJ Innovation Institute)
Kensuke Fukuda (NII)
Hiroaki Harai (NICT)
Masahiro Ishiyama (Toshiba)
Tatsuya Jinmei (Infoblox)
Shinpei Kato (Nagoya University)
Katsushi Kobayashi (University of Tokyo)
Aya Matsui (IBM Japan)
Hiroki Matsutani (Keio University)
Yoshifumi Nishida (GE Global Research)
Masafumi Oe (NAOJ)
Keiichi Shima (IIJ Innovation Institute)
Kazunori Sugiura (Keio University)
Yojiro Uo (IIJ Innovation Institute)
Rodney Van Meter (Keio University)



IC2016 Organization Chair,Program Chair
Motoyuki Ohmori (Tottori University)
Hajime Tazaki (IIJ Innovation Institute)
Yasuhiro Ohara (NTT Communications)
E-Mail: ic2016 at
Sponsorship Contact
インターネットコンファレンス2016 事務局
東京都港区芝大門2-1-16 芝大門MFビルB1階
E-mail: ic2016-sec at (atを@に変更してください)


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