Internet Conference 2018 Travel Grants

Travel Grants

A travel grant is available for IC2018 presenters:

The applicant needs to be either one of the following:

  • A researcher living in Japan as either a resident or visiting alien.
  • A researcher living outside Japan.
  • A student.

An accepted paper or poster is necessary in IC2018 to receive the grant.

For students, the ID of the recommender is necessary to request the grant. The recommender may be referred for the decision whether the grant is allowed. The typical recommender for a student is the supervisor.

The grant is available to pay travel and accomodation, but not for the IC2018 registration fee. The applicant must register and pay the conference attendance fee. The registration must be done in advance, then the payment for the attendance fee may be postponed after the grant award notification, in order to hold out the possibility for cancellation. Please consult with us in the case.

The grant can cover both international and domestic transportation. The source and the destination can be negotiable. The flight tickets and the reservation of 3 days (including the night before) in a near-by hotel will be provided.

The IC2018 staff will reserve and pay the flight tickets and accommodation for the applicant. The applicant needs to report to the staff the desired itinerary, then the staff will arrange the travel. The recipient of the grant must attend the conference.

A limited number of application can be supported depending on the budget allowance. The selection is solely done by the IC2018 organization committee: someone with a lower demand may be preferred over the the one with a larger requisite, regardless of the order of application.

The application for the grant must include the following information:

  • About the applicant:
    • Name:
    • E-mail:
    • Title/Affiliation:
  • For students, about the recommender:
    • Name:
    • E-mail:
    • Title/Affiliation:
    • The relationship with the applicant:

After the grant award notification, you need to provide your passport information.

The application period starts 10/12(Fri) and continues as long as our travel grant budget allows. Please send the above information to:

E-Mail: ic2018 at